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At anymind, we believe that knowledge, passion, and experience are most valuable when shared. That's why we're crafting a platform to make it easier. :) Visit us on @Instagramie and @Facebooku to see that we practice what we preach daily in our office.

maybe you'll join us?
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maybe you'll join us?
see job offers

our values

  • openness

    We're open to people: anyone who wants to share their know-how can become a part of anymind. We're direct about how our product works, and we listen to our users' opinions and suggestions because we want to make our product better and better together with them.

  • communication

    We want the world to communicate better. We believe that communicating shouldn't be hard — it should be natural. This is the idea behind anymind and all other projects in Contactis Group, our parent company.

  • growth

    When you succeed with anymind, we do too. That's how it works with our team members as well. We try to make sure each of our employees has room for professional and personal growth in our company. We help each other.

  • possibilities

    We're building anymind to give people a new way of earning money, and easy access to the whole world's knowledge — anytime, anywhere. Giving new possibilities to our employees is just as important to us.

job offers

    our recruitment process

    • 1
      let's talk

      Do you like our offer? Send us your résumé, tell us why would you like to join us, and what makes you suitable for the position. If you convince us, we'll contact you to set up a call.

    • 2
      do a task

      After the preliminary call, we'll send you a task which will confirm your competences and help us understand your way of thinking. If we like your solution, we'll invite you for a meeting in our office.

    • 3
      let's meet

      The last step in our recruitment process is a face-to-face meeting when we get to know each other better. We'll answer all your questions and ask you some, too. If we're a match, we'll get back to you within a few days with a specific offer. :)

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    With anymind, people with passion can earn on what they love and what they specialize in. The idea of giving real value to what's in our minds has been with us from the start, and it lies at the very heart of anymind. We hope it's reflected in our company culture and everything we do. Especially our product.

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