AnyMind – A pay-per-second tool for live video consultations on websites.

The value of knowing how

AnyMind is an online video calling tool with a built-in payment system, which can be placed as a widget on any website.

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Earn by sharing your knowledge!
Got a website or a blog and some quality know-how to share? AnyMind will be right up your alley! See why.

Looking for know-how?

AnyMind helps you get advice backed by experience. Choose a consultant you trust, click one button and you're in a video call, getting the answer you were looking for. You have full control over how long you talk and how much you pay.

Okay, where's the catch?
There's none!

Using AnyMind to sell your know-how is free.

AnyMind charges a 25% fee from what you earn (you get 75% minus applicable taxes); the money you earn is sent to your bank or PayPal account monthly.

You don't need to register a company (you can, if you want to).

Payments are handled by PayPal and other trusted payment processors.

You can create your own network of consultants and get a cut of their profits.

AnyMind takes care of all the tedious matters: connection, payments, security, taxes and technical stuff.

While using AnyMind as a client, you have full control over what the other side can see — your profile picture, name, even the camera feed.

As a consultant, you choose how much about yourself you reveal in your profile – we recommend adding all the info that will allow the customers to find out why they should call you!

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