AnyMind – A pay-per-second tool for live video consultations on websites.

Meet AnyMind

A web app that lets you offer live paid video consultations
right on your website. Monetize your know-how!

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How it works

AnyMind is a tool enabling paid consultations right on your website or blog via video, audio and a multi-media chat. All you have to do is set up your account and add a piece of code to your site. People will be able to contact you instantly and you’ll get paid for every second of it! We take care of all the financial technicalities both on the client and consultant side.

Why AnyMind?

It's free

You can use AnyMind for free — the callers cover the cost of the service.

It's safe

The payment system is secure and reliable. We work with trusted operators — PayU, PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

It's versatile

Communicate however you want — video, audio, chat and file sharing.

It's compatible

AnyMind works on most desktop and mobile browsers. You can also use the dedicated Android or iOS mobile app.

AnyMind goes well with every website

Whether you have a personal or a company website,
a content portal, or a forum — AnyMind is for you.

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Really, really good at something?
Earn by giving advice online.

Passion projects CAN bring profit

You worked hard to build an audience. They trust you and come to you for answers. You've become an expert, so you deserve to get paid for giving great advice. AnyMind makes it happen. It creates a call button on your blog, allowing the readers to ask you anything over a pay-per-minute video call.

Monetize your knowledge

In the gig economy, diversifying your income stream is crucial. With AnyMind, you can monetize your audience without alienating them with ads. Become a source of immediate, expert know-how for your most engaged readers.

Company website

Untap your potential,
monetize your know-how.

Bring your team's knowledge online

Your employees' experience has immense value. AnyMind lets you monetize this resource by offering paid video consultations online to people looking for solutions. Earn every time one of your employees answers a call.

Provide instant online consultations in real time

Your clients trust you and have a lot of questions. With AnyMind you can address them, get paid instantly, and build your reputation as a go-to destination for knowledge seekers.

Content portal

A scalable way to monetize your audience
— go beyond display ads!

Offer additional value to your contributors

For your contributors, your website is mainly a channel. But with AnyMind, new, mutual benefits become available. They provide the service, you provide the marketplace. They get paid for answering questions, you get 10% of what they earn. It's a win-win.

Your audience is looking for immediate answers

Profit from AnyMind scales with traffic. A high volume of requests will bring higher revenue, both for you and the consultants using your site to promote their services. What is more, both visitors and contributors will become more engaged and stay there longer.

Interested, but not fully convinced?
Wonder if AnyMind would work on your website?

We can walk you through using AnyMind and integrating it with your site. We'll also answer any other questions you have.

Connect with us via AnyMind

AnyMind is currently available
in a BETA version. We're looking for first consultants and partners.

For those who join now, we have special benefits:

Marketing support to help you get more traffic and paying clients.

A LIFETIME AnyMind commission discount (15% instead of 25%).

You'll have real influence on how our final product will look like.

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