About us – anymind

Searching for solutions on your own
is time-consuming and ineffective.

Wouldn't it be easier to simply ask someone who knows better?
AnyMind connects the know-how seekers and providers to allow for instant knowledge exchange.

AnyMind is about valuing know-how
and sharing one's passion.

AnyMind lets people with passion make money on what they love, sharing what they know.
The idea of assigning real value to what we all carry in our heads, has been with us from the beginning and lies at the heart of our product.
This is the core that all of our values spur from. We try to apply all of them to everything we do as a company, and especially to our product.

Adding value

We want to bring value to our users and team members. People and their needs are the base of how we build our product and our team. So, our success can be measured how many of them stick around to be a part of our journey.


All the things we know, own or are passionate about are nothing until we share them. Through AnyMind, we want to encourage sharing as a way of life – both in and out of work.

Creating opportunities

AnyMind's purpose is to create a new way for people make money, as well as gain instant access to the world's combined knowledge. Creating different opportunities for our team members is equally important for us.

Mutual growth

As you get more and more value out of AnyMind, we too benefit. In much the same way, we strive to make our team stronger by helping every single person in personal and professional development, while helping others to grow.


We're open to people: everyone who wants to share their know-how can become part of AnyMind. We're open about what we do and how our product works. We're also always open to our users' feedback, because we want to develop and grow AnyMind with them and for them.


We want the world to be able to communicate better. We believe that communication should be natural, not difficult. This cornerstone idea is not only behind AnyMind but also other products created by Contactis Group, which we are proudly part of.

The AnyMind Team

We're a group of 20+ young professionals passionate about what we do. Because... why do things you're not passionate about?
If you would like to find out more about our passions from any of our team members, soon you will be able to use the AnyMind widget to connect with each one of us directly!


Android Dev




Web/UI Designer


Frontend Guru


Backend Developer


Frontend Developer




QA Engineer


iOS Lead


Backend Developer


Content Writer


Marketing Automation Guy


Business Developer


App & Copy QA Dude


Founder & CFO





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