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How to start?

Create and personalize your profile

Add some information about yourself — who you are, what you do, your picture. If you wish, add some diplomas or certificates.

create expert profile
add topic of conversation
Add your first consultation topic

Give it a description and a few tags, set your rate per minute. Then, select a payout method.

Generate your AnyMind widget code

Copy and paste this code to your site's source code to enable AnyMind. Adding code to your website — an easy step by step guide

widget code
That's it! You're ready to start making money.

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Do I need to have a website?
AnyMind widget has to be installed on a website. And it takes just a few minutes to create a blog, e.g. on WordPress. If you have your own website, you can build a community around it that trusts you and in that context, it will be easier to convince people to pay for your consultations.
You can also join AnyMind as an independent consultant, who consults for our partner portals. In order to be invited by a portal, you first need to have a consultant account in AnyMind, with at least one consultation topic added (no need to install our widget anywhere, but the portal needs to know in what subject areas your know-how is related to and whether you are a good fit for that particular portal).
Can I add display an AnyMind button on a social media profile?
No, but you can post a call link in any text field. So, while it will not look like a button, it will open the AnyMind app when clicked.
Do I need to have a company?
tl;dr: No. AnyMind takes care of taxes and formalities. You are considered a freelancer.

Full answer: You don’t need a company. The process is simplified to facilitate a quick and easy start for users. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions you agree to perform services via AnyMind as per a standard commission contract. This type of contract is widely used in Poland for freelance jobs. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this. You can also opt to use AnyMind as a company if you own one, which is potentially more profitable due to tax returns but will require more bookkeeping on your part. The money you earn on AnyMind is taxable, in accordance with the Polish law. We handle most legal requirements and formalities (including the income tax) so that you can focus on providing value and earning money. If anything requires your attention, we will send you a message to the email address you provided during sign-up.

Is AnyMind really free?
Yup. For consultants, AnyMind is pure profit. We charge a 25% fee to cover the cost of the service. We earn only when you do.
How is my personal data used?
Your phone number, e-mail address and payment settings are private and only you can access them. We don’t share them with anyone. You may receive an e-mail or text from us once in a while (you can opt out at any time).
Do I need a diploma or certificate to earn on AnyMind?
No. The only thing that counts is what you actually know (your know-how and experience). However, it’s definitely worth it to upload all the diplomas and certificates you own to your profile. This way you can increase your credibility with potential customers.
Do I need to know how to code to install AnyMind on my website?
No. The process is as simple as it gets and takes around 10 minutes. You do need to be able to access your page’s code though. Click here for a step-by-step guide.
Do I need a lot of spare time to answer calls?
You can be as active on AnyMind as you like. You can do it full-time, or treat it as just an additional source of income. Also, calls give you money even for a short amount of work (and it adds up quickly), so it’s a very time-efficient way to earn.
Can I give advice if I don't have much experience?
Sure. You may have to lower your rates, and gradually raise them as you work on your skillset and personal brand. Visit our blog for resources on how to communicate effectively, understand customer needs and teach others (for now only in Polish but we’re working on it).
What if someone calls me when I'm not available?
You can enable automatic notifications in AnyMind. Whenever someone attempts to call you while you’re not available, you will receive a notification to your e-mail address, or phone. When you become available, we will let the waiting customer know.
Does AnyMind work on mobile devices?
The web app will be compatible with all popular mobile browsers, but for now we recommend Chrome on Android devices. You can also use our phone app for Android (iOS coming soon).

AnyMind is currently available
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